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Welded Beams

Welded Beams Perth

Welded Beams / Beam Fabrication

Similar to the mass produced H and I beam, welded beams are produced by welding together different plates to form a single beam of the required length and shape. These types of beams are particularly suited for specific engineering requirements and perfect for construction projects where standard hot rolled beams are not suitable.

Our welded beams are SAW (Submerged Arc Welded) This process is closely supervised by highly trained technicians.


  • Beam lengths up to 18 m
  • Beam depths from 75 mm – 1000 mm with flange widths to 300 mm

Available Services:

  • “T” beams
  • King / Queen Cross bar beams
  • Box Birders
  • Runaway beams
  • Tapered, curved and shaped web beams

The automated welding process ensures consistent strength and finish. Our highly competitive pricing ensures you can get your project done within budget.

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