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Pressure Vessel and Tank Fabrication

Tank Fabrication

Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping Perth

Simmonds Steel is a manufacturer of Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping built to AS 1210-2010 Standards. Our commitment to quality and our quality management systems are fully integrated in everything we do & currently working toward ISO 9001:2015 certification.

All of our pressure vessels, receivers & tanks are engineered and manufactured to each individual customer’s application and specification. Our combined expertise and innovative equipment allow us to fabricate simple to complex vessels ranging in size from small process vessels to large storage tanks with unusual shapes, temperature requirements, single/secondary containment and multi-chamber applications.

Our pressure welders are qualified to 6G codes and our experienced QC team oversees all aspects of manufacturing as it relates to code requirements and administering turnover documentation. MDR, ITP, SWMS & JHAs, to name a few QA documents are performed, along with NDE/NDT weld inspections are carried out on-site by our 3rd party NDE/NTD subcontractor to ensure transparency throughout the testing process. Corrosion & hydro static testing is also all part of our service.

We work with all grades of material from Carbon Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel & duplex, utilising our various certified welding procedures and heavy machining capabilities. Pressure Vessel designs include solid wall, explosive-clad, standard and half pipe jacketed models which can be fabricated up to 3m diameter, 6m in length and 5 tons.

Our sister company Etch Coatings allows us to blast & paint in house, ensuring quality control is done to the highest standard. Our in- house NACE 2 paint inspector conducts DFT testing as required adhering to paint specification provided. Our extensive knowledge of epoxy, high builds, 2 pack paint & polyurethanes allows us to coat / paint any substrate provided to the customers specification. 

Full range of materials : 

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steels
  • Aluminum 5005 & 5083
  • High alloy materials – 200 and 300 series SS, 2205 & 2207 Duplex SS
  • External and/or internal finish as per your request

Simmonds Steel is known for its ability to deliver successful projects on time and on budget.
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Specialising in Drafting , Laser Cutting, Fabrication and Powder Coating

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