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Colorbond Fencing and Gates

Professional Installations of Colorbond Fencing and Gates

Do you need a brand new Colorbond® Fence or replacement due to an Insurance claim? Here at Simmonds Steel our highly qualified team has been installing Colorbond® Fences and Gates in Perth and the surrounding areas for over 10 years. We specialise in both residential and commercial properties. You are sure to find the perfect match with the huge range of Colorbond fencing we offer plus we supply expert advice to personalise your fence or gate design and you have the option to add lattice and post caps if preferred. Plinths can be added to the bottom if needed and can act as a retaining wall.

Great looking, Long lasting and Low Maintenance

COLORBOND® steel is such a popular choice of fencing material for many reasons, it won’t rot, burn or be eaten by termites and is extremely simple to maintain. Matching the colours of your home is easy with 14 Colorbond® steel colours to choose from that have been specifically chosen to suit the Australian lifestyle so you know it is made to last. Top quality materials and expert installation is really important and will ensure that your fence does not have any vertical gaps, visible footholds or loose palings. That’s why it is always best to leave the installation job to professional fence installers like us if you want perfect results.

Colorbond® Fencing panels look good on both sides so this keeps your neighbours happy and will enhance your privacy and security for many years to come so it  is a very wise investment, plus as they are low maintenance  you will not need to paint, oil or replace palings. Here at Simmonds Steel, we only use Australian made Bluescope steel so you are guaranteed of a top quality , tough fencing panel backed by a 10 year product performance warranty.

Call us today and we can make sure you are guaranteed of the best possible solution and service at a great price.